Friday, 22 April 2016

Botswana's revised 2012 National Policy on Research, Science, Technology and Innovation, (RSTI), + Implementation Plan 

by Andrew Segwabe
The Ministry responsible for science; MIST, with its associates, presented in 2012 a national policy of RSTI and the policy implementation plan. The policy presents an appealing case for the future of science and technology in Botswana. 

Brief word about the policy
It allows for supportive and/or additional schematics to attend to science related matters in the country. The policy is a usable guideline to all stakeholders, government and private sector, to take on any vision which can satisfy their organisational aims.  

Criticisms about the policy and its implementation plan would include; lack of follow up assessments since the production of the documents, a very rough estimation (go abelela thata) of timeline objectives, absence of the preview of local science and technology situation and the absence of subjective plans for major science related issues in Botswana such as clean energy,  electricity generation and distribution demand,

  water storage and purification

 and use of technology for food production and enhancement of agricultural productivity.    

Moving forward, globalisation and the internet can be said to play the biggest role in the science and technology transfer. The current evolutionary practices of the education system in Botswana also plays a major role to ensure that the country benefits effectively from scientific knowledge. In a word, the situation of science and technology in Botswana is becoming.

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