Monday, 19 September 2016

Botswana Scientific Blog Will Rock The Tree House Without A Pause

It has been along time since a post was shared on this blog. The main reason was probably a cringe and fear of under-performance. Now, being afraid of  not performing well enough is bringing in even more problems; procrastination and rustication of interest  being the leading ones and the most destructive. Anyway, 'Bots Sci' will not cringe or fear  any rule or standard of performance. It will rather crash and burn into a wrong corner than rust, crack and get weathered off into thin air.
Botswana Scientific blog is not a cousin to any other blog or website. So, this blog will rock the tree house without a pause. Why die off in ethical silence? It's better to ramjet through the grit and discover eye-catching plains. Insecurities delay and abort good missions. This here is the rough patch on the scratch, mic check one-two!

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